Leicester Medical Support

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Meet The Team

Stephanie Lindsay  -  Proprietor
Owner of Leicester Medical Support - Main responsibilities include developing and implementing high-level strategies, making major corporate decisions, finances, managing the overall operations and resources of S & S Leicester Medical Support, and acting as the main point of communication. Also provides customers with the no obligation quotation and has full control of the bookings

Stewart Seare - ( COO ) Chief Operations Officer
Responsibilities is to ensure the effective and efficient operational and performance management of S & S Leicester Medical Support, ensuring delivery of operational key performance indicators and targets.

With a leading role in building upon our strong foundations to refine and implement our strategic priorities, working in partnership with key stakeholders and ensuring that Leicester Medical Support is well placed to influence the provision of services and identifying key strategic alliances that lead to successful collaborative partnerships.

Laura Godfrey - ( MM ) Marketing Manager
Responsibilities is to ensure that all social media and marketing material is accurate and accessible by all. Their aim is to promote the organisation, help recruit new members of staff and promote events and activities. 

We would like to inform you all that Allan Seare has left the Company on 27th May 2017. As you know he was one of your points of contact within the Company.

Rest assured that we are currently reorganising the business to take account of his departure and we are arranging to hand over his work to an alternative CSM employee. We will inform you as soon as possible who this will be and therefore we will be in touch with you shortly to introduce you to your new contact and to ensure a smooth handover. In the meantime, all correspondence will go through the Proprietor, if anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.